Dirt Bike VS Street Bikes: Which One is Better?

There has always been a controversy over dirt bikes and street bikes, which one is better. In this article, you will learn about their differences to enable you to make an informed choice.

That’s why; you need to go through this post and understand what dirt bike and street bike have to offer individually. Let’s check it out.

Dirt Bike VS Street Bikes

Dirt Bike VS Street Bikes


The topography of roads is not similar everywhere meaning, that their surfaces differ foot by foot. That is why; when you ride; you are likely to come across various road surfaces. Some will be rougher, while some of the roads will be smoother.

That is the reason every motorbike is uniquely designed to have suspension, otherwise known as a shock absorber. With the help of the suspension, the bike can now stand erect even as it meets up with holes and bumps on the roads.

A street bike is built to absorb any shock that comes from the imperfections of the paved road. That is the minor imperfections such as; short curb, raised pavement, or potholes. The travel of its suspension may be quite short.

However, the suspension of dirt bikes is made for off-road riding. The street bike suspension system is not for hills, mud puddles, or deep gullies, but that of the dirt bike is. The suspension system of the dirt bike can absorb any shock as well as bounce easily on the worst jumps, landings, as well as road bumps. The travel distance of a dirt bike suspension is usually higher than 12 inches. 


The dirt bike frame is light, small, and specially designed for jumping and mobility. That is why; the frame shouldn't be heavy. If the frame is built with heavy metal, the suspension will suffer, and it will become difficult to manipulate and control. Thus, the frame of dirt bikes are constructed using sturdy plastics with little metal.

On the other hand, street bikes are designed for style and stability. As a result, their frame is specially built with metal that comprises a heavy and large design.


The dirt bike tires are narrow. Also, they contain tread and knobs for maximum traction. Whereas; the street bike does not need aggressive traction. That is why; their tires are built to be wide and sleek. With the help of the wide tires, the street bike can maintain stability on the road as well as perform a smooth, stylish ride. 

Seat Position

For street bikes, their seat position differs from one to another. There are low-rider seat positions that come with higher handlebars as well as forward seat positions, which are common also. The lower-rider position is well-known for heavy bikes designed for cruising, whereas the forward position is built for a speedy ride.

On the other hand, the seating position of dirt bikes is usually the forward position coupled with low handlebars. The reason for this design is to ensure maximum control and visibility

Overall Size

The dirt bike is much smaller in size than the street or low rider bikes. The bodywork of street bikes comes from plastic or thin metal. The seat of the dirt bike is narrow, with plastic body design, and without extra accessories such as stereo systems. On the other hand, street racing bikes use additional accessories in case of long-distance comfort, wide seats, larger engines, and metal construction.


When you are riding on paved roads or highways, there is no need for steering before you can move the street bikes anywhere you want. All you need to do is lean on the bikes to turn into any street corner. Doe to the road use regulations; you can turn at any length you wish, and the traffic will still be to your benefit.

As for the dirt bikes, steering is much easier when you are on the trail than the street bike. When you are on the trail, you will face higher slides as well as maneuvering of dirt and ruts. As a result, dirt bikes come with longer handlebars, unlike the street bikes. With its wider length, the wheels of the dirt bike can turn wider on each side.

General Speed

It is indisputable that when we talk about speed, the street motorbikes take the lead over the dirt motorbikes. The design of street bikes ensures that they can conveniently cruise at the standard speed of the freeway. Also, it can cruise over high speeds if the rider decides to step on its gas generously. Although the speed level is in small displacement yet, the street motorbike can manage to maintain a speed level of 75 mph. 

On the other hand, a dirt bike is specially built to deliver optimum torque application on a lower gear. The result of this design is higher speed but at lower displacements. Due to the higher torque application in dirt bikes, it can easily pull out of dirt, mud, or sand very fast as well as leap when it sights a steep hill. 

It is due to the weight and gearing of the two bikes that can enable a dirt bike of 250cc to effortlessly cruise over off-road irregular trails more than a street bike of 1000cc. Besides this fact, dirt bikes have optimum torque application and lightweight. Also, they don't need much traction on dirt trails like you will need on paved roads, which the street bikes apply. That is why; dirt bikes are designed with lower speed levels, unlike the street motorbike.


Street bikes are significantly much heavier than dirt bikes. The fact is indisputable since no one wants to apply an off-road trail with a heavy motorbike. That is the reason dirt bikes are specially built to have smaller displacements as well as singular cylinders for maximum effect. As a result, they are light in weight.


Dirt bikes require the rider to stand up sometimes and ride on the pegs, unlike the street bike, which allows a rider that sticks to the seat or slide over the seat. While riding on the pegs, the dirt bike rider can minimize the shock that comes as the motorbike goes over rough terrains. Also, the pegs allow the rider to have maximum control of the bike as well as balance. You can ride on the pegs of a dirt bike to perform flying stunts, which is not obtainable on street bikes.

Clutch Usage

 The clutch usage on a street bike is quite minimal, whereas a dirt bike makes use of a clutch quite extensively. Most especially, those dirt bike riders who prefer to remain on the same gear, and as a result, they increase the revs through the clutch. 


Both the dirt bikes and the street bikes are good in their stead. Each of them is suitable for specific purposes according to design. Thus, get a particular motorbike that appropriately suits your purpose and lifestyle.

After going through this post, we believe that you can easily find the best motorbike that satisfies your requirements. Also, you can now educate anyone close to you who doesn’t know the difference.

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