Can You Put a Face Shield on a Dirt Bike Helmet?

Dirt bike helmets are designed differently from regular street helmets. This is why I’ve recently got a pretty common question, which is – “can you put a face shield on a dirt bike helmet or not?” 

Well, unfortunately, many people aren’t familiar with the actual truth about these helmets and judge differently. In order to understand the fact, you must know the structure of these helmets. 

From a big wide opening to the protruding chin, dirt bike helmets aren’t similar to regular street bike helmets. So by putting it on, you will get plenty of air and oxygen while riding.

But if you don’t wear any particular face shield, the chance of ending up with dirt will be a bit higher. So, it becomes crucial to know if we can really put a face shield on this helmet or not! 

Dirt Bike Helmet With Face Shield: How Does it Work?

To be honest, the actual dirt bike or off-road helmets don’t come with the facility of a face shield or a visor.

But, why? Because these helmets are designed with a more inclined chin bar to enhance the airflow on a dirt road. 

However, some manufacturers launched the solution in the form of a dual-sport helmet. These are a better combination of both full-face and off-road helmets. So, you can definitely use them for an off-road ride.

Thankfully, with these helmets, you’re getting a larger face shield to protect your eyes from bugs, debris, mud, or dirt. In addition, you can simply lock the visor upward to use goggles instead. Thus, you’re going to get a 2-in-1 facility.

Although dual sport helmets have a lower chin bar, the inner comfort and padding will make you feel like you’re wearing a full-face helmet. 

Are Dirt Bike Helmets Useful? 

Basically, the dirt bike is used in dirt or muddy roads where the environment is extremely hot and dirty. So, you can imagine how your regular bike will deal with those situations. Yep, you’ll run out of oxygen and air. 

That’s where the dirt bike helmets come for a rescue. These helmets are lighter than the regular street ones.

Also, the chin bar is inclined so that you can get adequate amounts of oxygen and air. Therefore, it helps you to beat the heat.

Why Are Dual Sport Helmets Awesome? 

The reason for these helmets to be effective is that it protects you from the dust. While riding the bike, you’ll encounter a lot of dirt that can hamper your drive.

In this case, visors or goggles can help you out. A face shield covers you without stopping the airflow and keeps dirt or dust away from you in the best way possible.

Now, most importantly, the bikers need stronger protection from the sun in order to continue the ride for a longer period of time. And these helmets do it effortlessly with the sight glasses. 

Goggles help you with a better vision as well as an alternative of a face shield to protect your eyes. Dual-sport bike helmets have the advantage of using both goggles and a face shield.

You can simply lock the shield upward and then use goggles, or you can just use the face shield without any glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ride without a face shield? 

Nope. If you go out on a dirt road without a face shield, anything like small particles of dirt might enter your eyes. So if your helmets don’t have any particular face shield, then you can opt for goggles.

  • Is it possible to get adequate ventilation after putting on a dirt bike helmet?

Of course! Dirt bike helmets are different from street bikes, and they are designed to keep you cool on hot dirt roads. And talking about the lower chin bar, it ensures optimal ventilation for users’ convenience. 

Wrapping Up!

My writing on can you put a face shield on a dirt bike helmet gives you the answer that you’re waiting for. So, my personal suggestion is to go with the dual-sport helmets if you need to use a face shield along with the helmet. 

However, you might find some modern dirt bike helmets which are friendly with both goggles and face shields. Do plenty of research to get more knowledge about it. 

Good luck and happy riding! 

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