How To Clean Motorcycle Chain Without Stand?

In the following article, we will answer a commonly-asked question online from many motorcycle enthusiasts – how to clean motorcycle chain without stand?

We will do our best to keep things as concise as possible, so without any ado, let’s dive into it!

How Do I Clean My Motorcycle Chain?

How To Clean Motorcycle Chain

Before you start cleaning, place your bike in a suitable position that will suit you. It is best to clean the chain after driving when the engine is still warm. Cleaning the chain without the center stand is certainly possible but may take more time.

This procedure may be more complicated for some motorcycle drivers because you will have to lift the rear end of the motorcycle so that you can roll the chain and reach all the links.

You can roll the wheels either by lifting the rear end of the bike or by pushing back and forth while the motorcycle is on the ground.

Also, if you do not have a stand, you can use a jack to lift the motorcycle, which is also simple and easy. Any option that allows the rear wheel and chain to rotate freely is good, as it will make it easier to apply cleaning or lubricating agents.

You can avoid all this and make the work easier if you get a middle stand. But certainly, the cleaning process itself is the same whether with a stand or without. Of course, with the help of the bike stand, you will not have to lift the rear end of the motorcycle.

How To Clean Motorcycle Chain Without Stand

If you decide to clean the chain of your motorcycle without a stand, it is quite recommended to use one of the products for cleaning or degreasing the chain for the cleaning process. For O-ring chains, make sure you use a cleaner or degreaser designed for them.

This is by far the best solution because most of these products are of high-quality in spray bottles, so you can easily spray your chain, gently lifting and turning the rear wheel.

With these cleaning and degreasing products, dirt and oil that accumulates on the chain while driving will be cleaned quickly and easily.

Of course, if you do not use degreasers and cleaners, the chain can also be cleaned with just water and soap.

Whether you have washed the chain with water or used any of the cleaning products, it is necessary to wipe the chain with a clean rag to dry it nicely and prepare it for lubrication.

In the cleaning process, you can use additional equipment such as special brushes that will certainly make cleaning easier. The brushes are quite practical and you can use them to clean every part of the chain.

Choose your brushes carefully, soft brushes are better because they will not damage your chain, for sure. Also, cleaning with a brush that is specially designed for this job is more detailed and better.

You can then respray your chain and dry it with a clean rag. It is important to dry the chain with a clean rag and then drive briefly to keep the motorcycle warm and ready to apply lubricants.

The whole cleaning process is very important because it is actually a preparation for lubricating the chain. A clean and dry surface is best for lubrication.

After all these steps and lubrication, your motorcycle will be ready for a new and comfortable ride. All you need to do is follow all these steps and cleaning will become just a routine, and you will greatly enjoy riding knowing that your motorcycle is in excellent condition.

How Often Should I Clean My Motorcycle Chain?

How do I clean my motorcycle chain

As we mentioned, it is important to clean the chain of your motorcycle on time – every experienced motorbiker will tell you that. The cleaning process itself does not take long and will not take much time.

The motorcycle chain is the part that gets dirty very quickly, most often from mud, oil, or dust while driving.

Of course, everything depends on the conditions in which you ride your motorcycle. If you ride off-road, it will certainly get dirty faster.

Therefore, it is important to clean the chain after a certain mileage. It is considered good to do it after 500 miles of driving.

It should be emphasized that regular cleaning prolongs the life of your chain and the ride certainly becomes easier. One useful tip: If you decide to clean your chain, always check if the chain is worn before cleaning.


We hope that this article has helped you and given you some of the basic instructions on how to easily clean and lubricate the chain of your motorcycle.

As we have already mentioned, the cleaning process without a stand can take a little longer and be more complicated it does not require a lot of time. It is important to do the job in detail and precisely. Stay safe, folks!

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