How to Install Bar End Mirrors on Motorcycles

When it comes to giving your motorcycle a new look and style, changing the stock mirrors for bar end mirrors are one of the best choices you can make in order to have a new feel on your motorcycle.

In addition, the new look and feel the bar end mirrors offer your motorcycle, it also provides a wilder view for you, making it possible for you to see more of the road.

The advantage that comes with a wider view is that it offers protection from danger and unnecessary collision on the road. This article will teach you the process of installing bar end mirrors on a motorcycle.

Your Key Considerations on Bar End Mirrors

Before the installation process, let's discuss the 6 things you need to consider before making a decision on your bar end mirrors.

1. Buy the Best Mirrors

You must decide to buy the best bar-end mirrors, this decision will add up to you later on. The advantages it offers you is that you will not need to visit the shop for a new mirror now and then.

Similarly, settling for the perfect mirror gives you additional protection on the road with your view and clarity.

2. Get the Right Size

When it comes to bar end mirrors, it is not good enough to purchase mirror sets that are too small or just too large, get the best fit, and something in between large and small.

The smaller the size of your mirror, the less vision you will have on the road. For your own safety, getting the right mirror fit is necessary.

3. Steel Products Are the Best

One enemy of your motorcycle parts is corrosion, steel products are popular to serve you for a much longer time than other bar end mirrors.

4. Ensure the Mirror Is Adjustable

People see things in different ways, and the way you see things will define your driving, your bar end mirror must be adjustable for you to have the best experience.

With an adjustable mirror, you can easily adjust it to fit your perspective and allow you to see all upcoming obstacles.

5. Ensure the Mirror is Free from Vibrations

There’s nothing as distracting and frustrating as a vibrating mirror when the mirror vibrates it affects your ability to see things clearly.

While buying a bar end mirror, ensure it is of top quality and built to absorb vibrations to guarantee your safety on the road.

6. Consider the Price

Price is an essential factor that you need to consider when deciding the bar end mirror for your motorcycle.

Note that: the most expensive bar end mirror is not always the best and neither is the cheapest mirror. Read reviews on the internet and make an informed decision before you buy it.

The following are the ways you can install your bar end mirrors and give your motorcycle the face-lift it deserves:

7. Buy the Mirror

Rightly so, the goal is to install bar end mirrors and installation cannot happen without the mirrors.

The first step in the installation phase will be to get the mirrors, in deciding a mirror for your motorcycle, it is advised that you read up reviews online from real users and on independent sites other than the product site.

The rationale here is that product manufacturers oftentimes block off negative comments about their products on their site, also other times most of the reviews on the product site, are paid reviews in a bid to help the manufacturer make sales.

The best reviews are the ones you can get from independent sites and buyer guides.

8. Pull the Plugs out of Your Handlebars

Now that you have your new mirrors, start your installation process by removing the plugs of the handlebars with this you can start your installation.

9. Select the Sleeve

The best thing for your installation is a smaller expansion sleeve, select this sleeve and tighten the nut. Keep doing this until it is held up against the expansion sleeve of the bike.

How to Install Bar End Mirrors on Motorcycle?

Start by sticking in the ends of the bar end mirrors. With the expansion sleeve, you have selected in 3 above going into the handlebars first, tighten it with a 5 mm wrench.

You are to swap the 5 mm Allen wrench with a 3 mm wrench to mount your mirror effectively. Ensure the mirrors attach to the ring, this entire process won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Wondering why bar end mirrors are often selected and picked against the stock mirrors that come with the motorcycle? Here are 5 reasons why bar end mirrors are chosen against stock mirrors.

  • Bar End Mirrors Make It Easy to Lane Split

Bar End Mirrors Make It Easy to Lane Split

This is one of the reasons bar end mirrors are chosen in place of stock mirrors, the ability to lane split easily.

While most countries will allow you to drive in between the lanes of cars in order to pass traffic or queue, the bar end mirrors make this possible as your bike is less wide and can easily pass through the lanes without hitting the cars, other than when you are using a stock mirror which is usually wider.

  • Bar End Mirrors Often Look Better When Compared to Stock Mirrors

Bar End Mirrors Often Look Better When Compared to Stock Mirrors

It is either the stock mirrors that are too big or too ugly, which often moves buyers to get the bar end mirrors that look better and fit more.

While there are noticeable improvements with the new bikes and the stock mirrors on them, the majority of these mirrors are still largely the same.

  • Fitting for Your Door and Storage

Stock mirrors are often so large that you can hardly have them pass through your door without folding them or making some adjustments to your property.

This is a reason why most persons will prefer a bar end mirror that makes it possible for your bike to pass through your doors and also your storage facility.

  • The Need to Change the Handlebar

The handlebar that comes with the bike is one that is oftentimes not loved by the owner, in a bid to change the handlebar, the stock mirrors are also changed.

The reason for this is that the stand that holds the stock mirror is often tied to the handlebar and changing the handlebar gives room for the stock mirrors to go too.

Final Verdict

Bar-end mirrors are an amazing way of building the style and feel of your motorcycle, which gives it a completely different outlook.

It is believed that you have a piece of better information now on how to install bar end mirrors on a motorcycle, why bar end mirrors are desired, and also the things you need to know before choosing a bar end mirror.

When selecting the best bar end mirror for yourself is largely dependent on your choices and your budget. A point to note is that the most expensive bar end mirror is always not the best as the cost cannot be equated to quality.

The same applies to the cheapest bar end mirror, reviews are important as they will help you to make an informed decision before you buy.

Whatever your need may be for a bar end mirror, ensure that you choose the best mirror in the market, following the guide provided in this article.

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