How to Keep A Dirt Bike Chain from Falling Off

Drive chain is one of the most significant parts of a dirt bike. It helps sprockets to transfer the power to the rear wheel, and it keeps rolling.

But, as a dirt bike owner, you face some problems with your dirt bike chain often. In a very bumpy track, the chain keeps falling off if it is not properly adjusted. It may cause a damaged crankcase or sometimes keeps you away from your track as well.

But how to keep a dirt bike chain from falling off?

Just put some attention to your drive chain and keep it maintained. And this article will enlighten you about the causes and solutions to this problem.

How to Keep a Dirt Bike Chain from Falling off: The Reasons and Solutions

How to Keep a Dirt Bike Chain from Falling off

It is said that, if a problem is defined properly, it is half solved. There are several reasons for this problem. Now we are going to discuss some reasons as follows –

1. Your Chain Tautness Is Not Perfect

You have to keep an eye on your chain tautness regularly. If the chain is too loose, it may come off from the sprockets. On the other hand, if the chain is too tight, it may break during your ride.

So, you need to keep a well-maintained chain tension. According to the expert’s opinion, the chain should be loosed three fingers away from the chain slide.

If you do so and maintain proper chain tension, you will definitely be out of trouble.

2. Your Sprockets Are Damaged

Due to the frequent rolling, your sprockets may damage itself. There are asymmetrical wear patterns that may appear in the teeth. It is one of the reasons why the chain keeps falling off.

To overcome this situation, you need to inspect your sprockets once in a month. If required, replace it with a new one.

3. Your Chain Is Dirty and Filthy

Always keep in mind that you are dealing with dirt. The chain is one of the most severely affected parts of the dirt during a ride. So, check the chain after every ride.

But don’t be in a rush. Have patience and make sure the mud on your chain is dried up before you wash it. Use a nylon brush to clean it up. When the chain is clean and dried, lubricate it very carefully.

4. Check If the Chain Is Straight

This is very important. Often, we forget about the issue and do not check whether the chain is properly straight or not. If the chain is wrongly installed, it will not work properly with the sprockets.

As a result, the chain keeps falling off of your bike.

The checking is not so difficult. Just take a ruler and place it alongside your installed chain. You can easily understand if the chain is straight or not.

5. A Rigid Link in the Chain

Sometimes one of your chain links may become rigid and causes great difficulties for you. During the rolling, the stiff link has a hard time bending around the sprockets. It results in breaking the chain.

6. The Chain Is Just Replaced by a Wrong Sized One

When you change or replace your chain, be careful of its length. You should keep the length always perfect for your dirt bike. Otherwise, it keeps falling off, or it may break.

If the chain is too loose, remove a couple of links to obtain the proper link. But if the chain is too tight, then you have to change the entire chain.

So, it is very important for you to choose the right length of your bike chain.

7. The New Chain Is Not Compatible with the Sprockets

When you buy a new chain, the links should be compatible with the sprocket’s teeth.

Most of the time, bike owners make mistakes while replacing the chain. The link does not match with the sprockets, and the problems arise.

There are some specific teeth sizes available in the market. So, just buy your chain according to the teeth size.

8. The Sprockets Are Out of Alignment

Poor alignment of the rear sprocket can not only lead to the problem for the bike wheel, but it can also lead to the chain drops. Sometimes sprockets may be loose and miss-aligned. In this case, you need to make it tight and aligned to your wheel and chain.

Inspect the alignment of the sprockets before every ride. Otherwise, you may face some hazardous situation on the track.

9. The Sprockets Are Dirty and Need to Be Cleaned

Like the chain, your sprockets also get dirty during a track ride. A dirty sprocket affects the performance of the bike, and it keeps the chain falling off as well.

So, after every ride, when you wash your bike, please give extra attention to your sprockets and clean them properly.

10. The Clutch Is Not Set Properly in the Shaft

The clutch is very closely associated with the chain. If the clutch does not work properly, it may affect the performance of the chain as well.

If the clutch is not set properly on the shaft, the gearbox cannot work, and the chain falls off.

So, to make the chain perform well, you need to keep your clutch well-set in the shaft.

Still, Your Chain Keeps Falling off?

Dirt bike is like a baby. It needs proper care. If you want the best out of it, treat it how you want to be treated.

The chain is a very important part of your bike. But it keeps falling off, and if you just think how a dirt bike chain keeps falling off, it won't solve your problem.

You have to be proactive in this case and take the necessary steps to keep your chain steady. This article has just shown you how to keep a dirt bike chain from falling off, so, that shouldn’t be a problem from now on.

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