Should You Look Through or Look Over a Motorcycle Windshield?

Well, you might be new to riding your motorcycle, and you’re probably confused. This usually happens if the bike windshield is a bit too high. Well, you’ve got to ask yourselves a few questions, too, right?

I mean, what would you have done if the bike didn’t have any windshields in the first place? If that has you wondering, then we’ll help you clear out any confusion about whether you should look through or look over a motorcycle windshield

Should You Look Through or Over a Motorcycle Windshield?

There’s actually a ton of debate over this particular issue. And people might vocally attack you if you don’t follow one way or the other. That’s why it’s extremely important to look at both sides.

Remember one thing. There is no problem in not following the way that we recommend. You can ride your motorcycle whichever way you’re comfortable. So don’t drag yourself down thinking you were doing things wrong for years.

Looking Over the Motorcycle Windshield

If you’re curious, we’ll have to agree that this is the conventional or the traditional way of riding your bike. Some riders will position the windshields to end just below their line of sight.

This actually allows them to ignore the windshield and keep their eyes on the road perfectly. Most bikes don’t come with wipers on the windshields. So you can guess what kind of mess you have to deal with if the screen gets foggy or dirty.

Not a good sight, right? I mean, you can’t actually see anything if the windshield gets wet. Some of the plastic windshields might even get cracked. However small the cracks are, they still somehow manage to obscure your vision.

So if you’re looking over the windshield, your vision won’t be obscured as much if you’re looking through it. If you’re extremely new to the riding world, you can wonder about the actual point of the existence of a windshield.

Well, the windshield has other functions too, you know. Unlike a car, a bike windshield isn’t made to only block the wind. It also creates a pocket of air that actually gives the rider a soft breeze while they’re cruising. 

Looking Through the Motorcycle Windshield

Let’s move on to the other side of the spectrum. You can also choose to look through the windshield of a bike if you want to. That’s why some bikes will come with adjustable windshield heights. 

There are even such protective elements that can keep water off of the screen during rain to keep the view flawless when you’re looking through the windshield. In this case, the top side of the screen would be around your forehead.

This system also has another benefit too. You can actually get maximum protection from the windshield if you set it the right way. For example, you can avoid the bugs and dirt blowing at you at a quick speed.

This debris will then be blocked by your windshield. If you aren’t looking through the windshield, this debris usually hits your face if you’re not wearing a specific type of helmet.

But this also has another downside, you pretty much have to sacrifice the ventilation you get since the windshield ends over your line of sight.

So, if you aren’t living in a favorable environment and you absolutely require the breeze, we wouldn’t recommend this option.

Picking the Right Motorcycle Windshield Height

Since most motorcycles come with height-adjustable windshields, you can assume that you can adjust the height to your liking. Well, by now you should know that the decision completely depends on your personal preference.

A windshield has the capability to completely alter the look of your motorcycle. So if you prefer the look of the bike with a shorter windshield, which many people do, you can go for the first option.

And if you think that the larger windshield size adds a bit to the aesthetics, then you can fancy using the second option too. If you’re still not sure, there’s always the option to risk both!

Yes, that’s right! You can choose to go with any option you want, just not at the same time. For this, you’ll need two separate windshields. In this way, you can choose the one you feel like using anytime. 

Windshields aren’t too hard to swap out. So if you’re trying to rock different looks at different times, be my guest! 

Final Words

Well, that’s about it. If your question was, “Should you look through or look over a motorcycle windshield?” you probably have your answer by now.

Just follow the tips we gave you, and you shouldn’t mess things up anytime soon. And if you do forget, you can always come back here! 

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