How Do I Take Care of My Dirt Bikes? Is It Hard to Maintain?

First of all, you are reading this article means that currently, you are owning a dirt bike. It’s much like having a baby. Taking care of a child is not so easygoing. Your child requires much attention and love from you.

So do your dirt bikes.

I am pretty sure that as you own a dirt bike, you often cry out – ‘Damn! How do I look after my dirtbike? It’s so difficult and expensive!’ But, believe me, it’s not as hard as you think it is. In this article, I will help you to overcome your fear of it.

How Do I Take Care of My Dirt Bikes

How Do I Take Care of My Dirt Bikes

1. Clean Your Bike After Every Run

Clean Your Bike After Every Run

In a dirt bike, you are playing with dirt. So, your bike must be cleaned after every ride. Just take a bucket of water and select suitable brushes to remove the mud.

If a pressure washer can be managed, you can use it as well. But be careful about the engine. Seal off the silencer and carburetor from water and wreckages.

Ensure a good wash to your dirt bike.

2. Dry It Before the Test Run

Don’t rush for a test run as soon as the cleaning is done. Have patience, and make sure your bike is totally dehydrated. Use a mechanical drier or leaf blower to make the job easy for you.

3. Check for Any Oil Drip

Often, we forget to check for any oil drip. Inspect every possible part of your bike that may leak oil. Make sure there is no leakage anywhere.

4. Take Care of Your Chain

The Chain is one of the most severely affected parts during a ride. Make sure the mud on your chain is dried up before you wash it.

Apply best chain cleaner and use a nylon brush to clean it up. When the chain is clean and dried, lubricate it very carefully.

5. Check the Chain Tautness

Make certain you maintain a standard chain tautness. A chain that may be too loose or too tight – in both cases, you will face a tremendous problem.

So, give your kind attention to the chain tension and make it perfect.

6. Inspect All Nuts and Bolts to Be Tightened Properly

Check all nuts and bolts and make them tight appropriately.

A dirt bike undergoes extreme vibration during a ride. Loose nuts and bolts, in that case, might be very unsafe for you.

So, it is extremely important to tighten all nuts and bolts before the track ride.

7. Check Out Your Transmission System Periodically

Inspect your ignition systems, throttle cable, clutch cable, and gear set periodically. Replace them if they are damaged.

After installing the new parts, make sure they are working fine.

8. Use a Fresh Air Filter for Every Ride

If you use a dirty air filter, there is not enough airflow through the engine.

Then the acceleration and horsepower of your bike will be severely affected. In results, the bike’s performance will be downgraded.

By using a clean air filter, you may save the engine from costly impairment. So, if you really want to save your money, keep your air filter clean.

9. Change Your Engine Oil Frequently

Make sure the engine oil is changed after every two rides.

Remember that the dirt bike engine is not like a car engine. The dirt bike engine is smaller, but it gives you a lot of horsepower with a high compression ratio.

So, If you want to keep your engine healthy, change it frequently.

10. Check Your Fluids Often

You should check and replace brake fluid and coolant in your radiator regularly.

Just imagine, what if your brakes face a problem during a track ride? So, check your brake oil. If necessary, change it.

The engine needs to be cool down always. Before every ride, open your radiator, and ensure that there is enough coolant inside. Use a gauge to make sure of it.

11. Replace Your Brake Pads When Required

Brake pads are other parts, which do not work endlessly. You need to check it and replace it if necessary.

You can use slide calipers to measure the thickness of a brake pad. Make a replacement when there is 1.0 mm of the pad material remaining.

12. Inspect Your Sprockets Once in a Month

Sprockets are used to transfer power to the rear wheel through the drive chain.

Due to the directional force of the chain, the sprockets may wear out, and there are asymmetrical wear patterns in teeth.

It may affect the performance of the bike. You don’t have to replace it often. But don’t skip it for long.

13. Check Your Tire Pressure

It is one of the most frequently checked maintenance items. Use a gauge to measure the pressure in each tire.

You can keep 8 psi for the front tire and 6 psi for the muddy condition. For dry conditions, the measurement should be 14 psi and 12 psi for the front and rear tire respectively.

14. Lubricate Your Bike Properly

Lubrication means greasing the bike up. If there is any water and dirt in your air filter’s sealing, swingarm, wheel bearing and seals, shock seals, and forks, and in the steering head’s bearing, proper lubrication will dry it up.

So, grease your bike up carefully.

How Often Should You Service Your Dirt Bike

As a dirt bike owner, you have to keep your vehicle well maintained. Not only does it look better and help extend the life of your dirt bike, but it will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the components. If you are new to dirt biking, you may not know how often you should service your dirt bike. 

Air filter replacements, chain oil, and tire pressure are some of the routine maintenance that you have to do before each ride. Depending on how frequently you ride your dirt bike and what type of riding you do, it's possible to know when to service it. But You should have major maintenance after every 50 hours of riding, or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

Can You Take Care of Your Bike Now?

It is obvious that you want to get the best out of your dirt bike. So, treat it better, and it will pay you back.

So, what now? Are you still crying out with ‘how do I look after my dirtbike?’ This article should wipe out your fear of all about taking care of your dirt bike.

You cannot go wrong with this simple dirt bike maintenance guideline.

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  1. I tend to feel anxious or uneasy following maintenance on my bike. I question the quality of work and wonder if all is proper. It seems there are so many technicalities and specific details that seem easy to mess up.

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