How to Talk to Other Motorcycle Riders?

Riding a bike gives you the freedom to avoid traffic also, whenever you feel low, take that beast out on a ride, and you will be uplifting your mood just like that.

I am well aware of the fact that driving and talking are dangerous, and if you get distracted enough, you can even crash!

However, there are times when bikers need to communicate, especially when they are out in a group. But, how to talk to other motorcycle riders? Do you yell at each other? Well, common sense says otherwise. 

Talk to Other Motorcycle Riders: The Obvious Methods 

Let’s cover the basics first, the proven method of using indicators. This is used everywhere, and anyone who has passed the driver’s license exam knows or should know how to use indicators to send a signal.

There are pre-defined call signs established among bikers, and experienced riders are well aware of those. 

Sometimes, people just honk to warn the fellow co-bikers, and honestly, that gets a lot of attention naturally. If you plan on riding in a group, establish some safe signs that you can use to communicate with your group mates. 

Talk to Other Motorcycle Riders: The Modern Method 

If you are not a fan of the old-school methods, you can choose other ways—for example, a Bluetooth communicator or a headset that is made specially to use with a helmet. 

There are tons of devices out there that come with built-in biker helmets or a portable communicator that can be a motorbiker’s companion. They are mostly called Bluetooth communication devices. 

These devices used to be very tardy and annoying to use, but now with the help of modern science, Bluetooth communicators are a sophisticated piece of technology. 

Why Do I Even Need Bluetooth Communicator for Motorcycles in the First Place? 

Why do you need a communicator? Let me counter that question by asking you, why not? These Bluetooth communicators let you do so much, and you will barely feel their existence or be annoyed by them.

Communication is the main goal here, no doubt but, you can do so much more other than that if you have a Bluetooth communicator. 

Here I will try to explain some of them: 

  • Obviously, you can communicate with a Bluetooth communicator, receive a call without stopping your bike.
  • While riding a bike, it is extremely dangerous to take your eyes off the road. So, with the help of the Bluetooth communicator, you can easily hear the directions from your GPS and cruise around without a worry. 
  • The road is empty, and nature looks too great to ignore; you’re in a mood to listen to a soothing song without getting distracted. That’s where the earpieces of the communicator come to play and enable you to listen to your favorite track. 
  • Do you have a passenger with you, but it’s hard to communicate because of the wind? A Bluetooth communicator for you and your passenger can save you from the awkward screaming. 
  • If you need to make an urgent call but are already pretty late for your destination, then make that call without stopping by just asking your communicator. 
  • Are you a motorcycle trainer? Then a communicator will come in handy as you teach your student and give direct lessons from a safe distance to your student.  
  • If you had planned a road trip with your biker friends, it would be very helpful to constantly keep in touch with the group as everyone is riding individually. So, with the help of a communicator, you can do that. 

There are so many more benefits and answers to your question of why do I even need that. But I will spare you with just these and let you fathom the sheer number of benefits of a Bluetooth communicator for now. 

Which Are the Top Devices? 

Well, there are so many good brands out there that make excellent Bluetooth intercoms. Many of them have amazing additional features, while many of them provide you with the core purpose at a low price. 

If I must name some brands, then Sena, Cardo, FreedConn, and some other brands come to mind. Sena gives you amazing range coverage; Cardo offers you noise cancellation, FreedConn has water resistance, so you can guess that most of them offer you great features. 

It’s your personal choice which one you like the most and which suits your budget the best. 

Final Talk!

At the end of this article, I am pretty sure your question is no longer how to talk to other motorcycle riders; it is now there are so many options! Which one do I choose?

Yes, I can read your thoughts, just kidding. If you are intrigued even a little, then I would suggest you study the brands closely and get your very own communicator. 

A friendly reminder, please do not lose track of the road and keep your focus on the roads while riding. Communication is for emergencies or when you know you are in a safe area.

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