Taxi Costs In Seattle: Know Before You Give A Visit To The City

Taxi service is one of the widely used transport facilities around the world. No matter what country or state you visit, you are likely to find a cab driving past you. Not everyone visits a different state and starts up with their car. This is where taxi service comes to play for guiding you to your preferred location.

You can visit from one place to another without having to worry because the driver within the area should be skilled and knowledgeable enough to drive to your destination.

This write-up about taxi costs in Seattle is for people moving to Seattle or visiting for tourism purposes. In the later part, we will explain to you the cost and how to acquire a driving service. 

Important Info About Seattle Taxi Rides

  • Taxi tariffs across the whole US are set according to districts or states.
  • Seattle taxi fares were officially restated in Jan 2017 and have been part of the official tariff dicta since then.
  • It is mandatory for all cab drivers to abide by the official tariff plan and charge accordingly. Exceeding fares or undercut payment is known as an offense. 
  • All taxi fares are calculated using officially calibrated taxi meters maintained by the authorities.

How Much Is Taxi In Seattle?

Taxi rates in Seattle are strictly maintained by the authority. Each taxi has a sealed meter that should give you a receipt of the fare and distance. Seattle management makes sure the fare cannot be altered and the accuracy remains on-point. They achieve this by checking the meters once every year. 

The fare in Seattle is a combination of three things. The outcome shown in the meter and the final receipt is the overall result combining the three aspects such as.

Drop Charge

It starts to calculate when you enter the cab at first. It is a mandatory charge and has to be given by all cab users. The City of Seattle charges a $2.60 flat rate for picking you up.

Distance Charge

As the car moves forward, the billing is different, it will start off counting the distance and charge accordingly. For every 1 mile, the charge is restricted to $2.70. So if you end up riding a distance of 4 miles your charge would be $10.8 plus the drop expense.

Time Charge

This is like the waiting time, when the taxi is held at a signal, there is a particular waiting charge. Also when the car is moving at a slow pace in a clustered area. The time cost is set at $0.50 for every minute. 

Extra Addition

If you are traveling alone or in a couple, then there will be no extra charge, but if more people join the ride there will be $0.50 added per head, excluding the minors.

How Do You Call A Taxi In Seattle?

Hailing a cab in Seattle can be time-consuming because the number of taxis is kinda less compared to the hustle and bustle of the state.

It is better to wait at a taxi stand nearby your hotel and you should find a cab driving by you every 10 minutes. It can vary, if you are lucky you can get a ride in minutes or even take 20-30 minutes.

Another way to hail a cab is through an online application. Use your mobile phone and download the SIXT app and you are good to go. It is an all in one app with many lucrative features such as ride tracking, quick pickup, car selection option and much more. 

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards?

Do Taxis Accept Credit Cards

Yes, almost all cab companies such as Yellow Cab, STITA taxi and others will accept travelers’ cheques and credit cards such as American Express, Visa Mastercard, without any issue. 

The app we mentioned above also needs signup and credit card access. 

How Much Does Uber Cost In Seattle?

How Much Does Uber Cost In Seattle

Uber rates in Seattle have peaked 50% further in recent times, this is the reason taxi drivers have been running the game head to head in Seattle when it comes to driving service. 

Let’s check out the Uber pricing in the list below.

Base FareBooking RateCost Per MinuteCost Per MileMinimum ChargeCancellation Fee
Uber X$1.42$1.95$0.25$1.48$5.45$5
Uber XL$3$2.5$0.3$2.81$7.65$5

Is Taxi Cheaper Than Uber?

Conventional taxi rides are competitively cheaper than uber rides, this is because uber can charge surge pricing in addition which can add up to 2.5 times more money than normal taxi charges.

Is The Taxi Fare In Seattle Overcharging?

First of all, you must know how the taxi meter counts the fare. The most common question amongst cab users is that they think the fare is too much even if the car was not moving at all. 

Well, taxi fares are generated using different factors. The drop charge is already set and it encourages the drivers to accept short-haul trips. Then comes the distance charge which is 2.5 dollars per mile. 

The next is the crossover time charge. If the taxi speed goes below 12 miles per hour, you will have to bear the time charge. The crossover time charge simply encourages the driver to even drive during rush hours and endure traffic. 

Just having the distance charge won’t seal the deal for a car driver as they have to cover up for their leasing expenses, thus a combination of three factors are always at work to satisfy both parties.

If you think that the cab is charging you more, now you know why are there some extra charges. 

Seattle has city taxi cab inspectors who always make sure the taxi meter is up to date and doesn’t induce faulty readings. All the meters are checked annually to give precise, unaltered taxi fares. 

How Much Does A Taxi Cost From Seattle Airport To Downtown?

The taxi from Seattle airport to Downtown Seattle costs a flat rate of $40. Surcharges can also pile up with this cost depending on gas expenses and others.

All in all, in off-peak hours you can splash under $50 to reach Downtown from Seattle airport. During the rush, it can run up to $75 and more. 

Final Words

Right before you plan to visit a country, it is advised that you know the transportation game. If you plan to visit Seattle, it is no exception and you must be familiar with the vehicle availability and the cost.

If you are someone who plans to travel using a taxi, which is a common way of conveyance, then this article is for you. We have jotted down the taxi costs in Seattle and highlighted how things are charged. Next time you visit this attractive place, it’s better to know how you plan to utilize your travel expenses.

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