How Can I Track My Stolen Motorcycle?

The thought of having your bike stolen can send chills down the spine. In the past, tracking a lost motorcycle used to be a big deal.

It’s not to say that it’s not a big matter at this time, but there has been quite a lot of innovation and development in bike tracking technology in recent years that has made tailing a vehicle a lot easier.

If you’re wondering how I can track my stolen motorcycle, you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about tracking basics and the tools and gadgets you can use to make your job easier and quicker with the help of GPS and the internet.

What If Your Motorcycle Has No Tracker Inside? How to Find It?

In a case like this, there’s not much guarantee that you’ll find your bike back. Well, it’s not meant that it’s not possible to get it back or highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get it back. 

It means that from the past police records, the chances of getting a lost bike are significantly low. Success stories are there, but only a few.

If your bike gets stolen, one of the best things you can do is take immediate action. Let the local police know about your motorcycle and all the detailed information.

Usually, what happens is that a motorcycle thief will likely be in your close radius within the first few minutes of the theft. 

The sooner you let your local police know about the theft, the quicker they can start patrolling in the area for your lost motorcycle.

Therefore, chances get higher in this way, and most successful motorcycle retrieval stories are like this. People took immediate action.

Now, the chances of your motorcycle thief being local is quite high. It’s also likely that the thief has been noticing you for some time and knows the area around you well. And for the same reason, the chances of him living close by are not too little. 

Keep searching your local area and nearby areas, and if you can get some lost and found posters around your areas, it can be a good idea.

These are some of the common methods people have used in the past and have found some amount of success. Though there’s no guarantee of retrieval, keep looking for it for a week.

Using a GPS Tracking Device

Global positioning system or GPS is a satellite positioning technology on the rise. It’s highly accurate and more reliable than the other tracking methods used in the past.

The GPS tracker is a small component that you can place inside your bike secretly and get movement, latitude, longitude, and speed data on your phone or PC.

Satellites send signals to the GPS component, and it calculates the position data from the nearby GPS signals. The results are then sent to the user. 

Due to several factors, these are on the rise in popularity. They’re cheap, secure, reliable, and don’t need much battery to power themselves through.

However, even if you use the best trackers, they can still be damaged, and thieves can steal your bike afterward. You should take some preventative actions.

For example: don’t rely completely on the tracker. They can be cut off or jammed using a network disruptor.

Place your tracker in a place where it’s hard to guess by a thief or use a multi-component tracker, meaning there will be several components throughout the bike. Also, check for a high-quality tracker that can block jammers.

Check Video Feed

If you have security cameras in your house, which you should have, check the record of stealing and notice the thief’s face and overall looks. Store the video feed because you’ll need to show it to the police. 

And if you’re not in your house, you’re somewhere else, and there’s a video camera too, take the recording and use it to track the thief.

Visit Thrift Shops for a Few Days

Stolen stuff goes to thrift and pawn shops. Start by checking your local thrift shops first. There’s a good chance that you may find your lost motorcycle there.

Do the same with nearby shops. Continue your search for a few days. If you can find your bike in any shop, then tracking the thief will get easier with the police’s help. 

Final Words

It’s better to get a GPS tracker right after you purchase your bike. Don’t be late. Tracking a lost bike isn’t easy and can put a toll on you mentally as well as financially. Using a GPS tracker won’t cost you much but can save you from a lot of hassles that you’d have to go through with police and legal stuff.

Now that you have some clear ideas, the question of how can I track my stolen motorcycle shouldn’t confuse you much.

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