What Size Trailer Do I Need for a Motorcycle?

It’s a common question among people who are thinking about getting their first motorcycle chock: what size trailer do I need for a motorcycle?

Well, it’s not that complicated. Although it’s pretty simple, there are some more measurements you need to know. We’ll talk about all of them in this guide.

Motorcycle Trailer Size: Which Size to Use?

Let’s talk about some ways you can easily measure your trailer to know if your bike will fit or not-

Measure Bike’s Length

Search through your bike manufacturer’s website to see the dimensions of a bike. What method could be easier than this? This is the simplest and quickest method of all.

  • Wheelbase

Now, some bikes have bigger wheels that go quite longer than their axles. If you’ve got a trailer that has less length than the motorcycle’s back wheel and front wheel, you can leave some space out.

It means you can leave some inches off the back wheel out of the trailer and move the front wheel a few inches in the front. If it doesn’t fall, it won’t likely be an issue while on the move. 

However, if you’re still not able to fit the bike on the trailer, try positioning the bike in a diagonal way. The length in between corners is higher and if you can fit your bike in this way, then go for it. If the bike doesn’t fall and is held tightly, it won’t be an issue at all.

  • Multiple Bikes on a Trailer

If you’re looking for a trailer to carry 3, 4, or more bikes on a single trailer, then there are some tricks you’re going to have to play and tinker with the alignment. What is meant by these? Let’s explain.

Suppose you’ve got a trailer with a minibike capacity of three, but you need to place regularly sized bikes there. What to do?

One easy solution is to not keep the spaces in between. Push them inward so that the space is reduced. Alternate between a forward and backward position with all the bikes.

Or maybe move some in the front and others in the back. This trick is common and is a great solution when the trailer seems too compact.

If you’re carrying dirt bikes, then the length could be an issue. The bikes are long and won’t likely fit well. If you’re using an enclosed trailer, try positioning the bikes in a vertical fashion. Tighten them with chocks, and you’re good to go. 

Now, if you’ve got an open trailer, then maybe it’s going to give you a complicated time to set those up well on it.

Important Things to Look for While Buying a Motorcycle Trailer

You shouldn’t look only for the trailer’s floor space while purchasing. Look for overall exterior size and how comfortable you are inside it. Let’s talk about them briefly – 

  • Sheet Metal

Some people like thicker exterior covers since they can protect the bike from heat better than the thinner metals. The thicker one can protect your bike from road-related accidents better. So, maybe going for it isn’t a bad idea either.

  • Curved Roof

Don’t buy a flat roof trailer. It makes water stuck on top of it, and it’s a hassle to get water out from there. A curved roof easily lets the waterfall down.

  • Ramp Door

Having a ramp door can help you while taking your bike in or out of the trailer. It’s not everyone’s preference, but it surely can be of a big help at times.

  • Height

If you’re choosing an enclosed trailer, then check its height and get inside it. See if you are able to move inside easily.

If you’re uncomfortable there, maybe it isn’t what you should go for. Choose something that has enough moving space inside.

  • Chock

Some trailers have pre-installed chocks to make placing the bikes easy. If your trailer has chocks ready, then position the bikes according to the chock points and then see if they fit.

Move their front or back and check the chock stability. If everything seems okay, then you can fasten the chocks.

Now, if the bikes seem unstable, you may need to use some extra chocks and determine your fastened points as you move the bikes.

The tie-down locations are sometimes movable with some trailers. If that’s the case with your trailer, change them accordingly.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now have the answer to your question: what size trailer do I need for a motorcycle? It’s not too complicated to know the size, nor is it hard to make extra space on a trailer. 

Keep changing the chock and tie-down positions until you find out the best spot. If the space of the trailer’s floor is small, yet it can give the bike good stability, you can rest assured that it’ll be able to keep the bike steady on the road.

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