Available Types of Rims for Cars You See Around

If you have always heard people saying ‘rims’ and ‘wheels’ interchangeably, know that they are a little different from each other. Rims refer to the part around which the tire is set, whereas wheels refer to the whole set, which is both rims and tires.

Rims are not only there to enhance the aesthetics of your car. It also helps rotate the rods known as axles, which in turn rotate the tires. The size of rims affects not only beauty but also the handling, braking, alignment, acceleration, etc. of the car. 

Let’s take a look at the types of rims for cars available out there. 

Types of Rims for Cars You See Around

1. Steel Rims

The most common and durable rims are made out of steel. They are very heavy as well, which is considered as a disadvantage. They most often come already outfitted in new cars.  

Regardless of their strength and durability, they are extremely cheap compared to other types of rims available in the market. However, because of their unappealing look, people often prefer lighter rims than steel rims. 

If you want to cover the basic appearance of the steel rims, you can use a wheel cover, which will make them look like alloy rims. 

2. Aluminum Rims

Not only is it more pleasing to the eye, but it is also far lighter than steel rims. The lighter rims result in greater acceleration and reduced stop motion. It also reduces pressure on the suspension of the car. 

Aluminum rims are usually rims made of a mixture of alloys with aluminum as the dominant metal. This makes the rims very lightweight yet very durable.

If you want durable, less expensive, and increased responsiveness to braking, opt for aluminum-magnesium alloy rims instead of aluminum-nickel alloy. 

Before you get aluminum rims for your car, you need to know more about the construction of rims. There are several ways aluminum rims are constructed. For instance, solid pieces of aluminum are forged by putting massive pressure and heat on it to bring it to shape. 

It is called forged aluminum casting, which results in durable yet lightweight aluminum rims. There are also low-pressure casting, gravity casting, counter-pressure casting, and flow forming casting. 

Rims made of aluminum come in several types of finishes, for example, painted, chrome, polished, and machined. The most common is the chrome finish. 

3. Chrome Rims

The chrome finish gives the rims a very shiny appearance, and they are more rust-resistant than other types of rims. They are mostly for aesthetic purposes. And they do not contribute to the performance of the rims in any shape or form. 

Moreover, the only problem is that they get scratched easily and become unappealing once the shine is lost. The rims also tend to be a bit heavy due to the chrome finish.

So if you live in a place with sunshine and smooth roads, chromes will last longer compared to being driven on muddy and rough roads. 

4. Spinners and Color Rims

If you want to make your rims the object of admiration and jealousy, why not go for spinner or color rims? Spinner rims have been around for quite a while. Also known as ‘spinning wheels’, these rims do not in any way contribute to the performance of your car. 

Spinner rims keep spinning as the car moves and continue spinning for a while even after the car becomes motionless. 

Same as spinner wheels, color wheels exist to make your car look good. To make your car stylish, you can get rims of any color of your choice. Adding colors to rims increases visage and makes the car more attractive visually.

Things to Consider Before You Change Rims

While changing rims is a faster and surefire way to update the look of your car, there are some things that you need to consider before you get new rims. Basically, there are three requirements to ensure your desired rims fit your car.

  • Size of Wheel and Tire

Bigger rims do not necessarily result in better rims. The size of your wheel and tire must be in sync in regards to diameter. 

  • Fender Clearance

You must keep in mind that fender clearance is essential before getting new rims. If you want bigger rims, you must make sure that the whole wheel will fit within the fender area with some empty space in order to ensure safety. 

  • Pattern of Bolt

It is important for you to match the bolt patterns of rims and wheels. If the rims do not match the hub of the wheel, then all the efforts will be wasted. Hence, to appropriately match rims to wheel hubs of your car, see if there are five or six lug nuts and then match them.


It is very important to choose wisely the type of rims you want for your car. Rims not only beautify your car but also impact the performance of your car. Having rims of good quality will enable you to accelerate faster, enjoy greater handling, reduce stress on suspension, etc. 

From classic yet reliable steel rims to trendy spinner rims, there is no limit to making your car stand out from others. Now that you know the types of rims available for cars, choose the one perfect for you based on your vehicle model and desired performance.

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