Can You Use a Bicycle Speedometer on a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle speedometers have caused a lot of distrust among bike users in recent times.

There are a lot of questions regarding its accuracy and readings. Since bikes are driven at high speeds and motorcycle riders need to depend a lot on the momentum to adjust themselves and maintain balance, this has become a big problem.

This insecurity has left bike enthusiasts wondering, “Can you use a bicycle speedometer on a motorcycle?”

We intend to unearth just that and find out if a bicycle speedometer is compatible with a motorbike or not.

What Is a Bicycle Speedometer?

Bicycle Speedometer

A bicycle speedometer is a gauge fitted to a bicycle to showcase its instantaneous speed. Bicycle speedometers are more popular among e-bikes. Since electric motors run them, having a speedometer helps measure the speed compared to a manual bicycle easily.

A bicycle speedometer has a very low maximum speed display. However, there is no denying that bicycle speedometers are excellent in terms of accuracy.

Problems of Using a Motorcycle Speedometer

The accuracy of the motorcycle speedometer is very poor. These speedometers simply fail in displaying the correct speed of the bike.

In most scenarios, the speed of the motorbike is exaggerated by a lot. It’s the norm for motorcycle speedometers to show a 10% higher acceleration than the original readings.

This miscalculation isn’t exactly a good scenario as it throws bikers off their psyche and causes a lot of psychological issues.

The problems that are found in a motorcycle speedometer is too much to consider trustworthy. It’s merely a better option to rely on the stock speedometers of the bike than to purchase a motorcycle speedometer separately.

They provide a much more accurate reading; they won’t weigh your bike down and will last longer comparatively.

Using a Bicycle Speedometer as a Substitute to Motorcycle Speedometer

A bicycle speedometer is much more reliable and accurate than a motorcycle speedometer. The readings of the speedometer are precisely similar to the actual speed of a cycle.

They also have higher longevity and are more durable than the motorbike speedometers.

However, most cycle speedometers top out at 100km/hour. Electric cycles usually don’t have a higher top-speed than 100km/hour.

Therefore, most bicycle speedometers don’t have a more upper limit than that. However, there are a few exceptions that can measure up to 170km/hour.

Also, to make them compatible with a motorcycle, calibration with the motorbike tires' circumference is a necessity.

Once you’ve made all the necessary changes, a bicycle speedometer will be a better replacement for the motorcycle speedometer.

Which Motorcycles Require a Bicycle Speedometer?

Most motorcycles come fitted with a stock speedometer. These speedometers are pretty nifty and can show a very accurate reading of the acceleration and speed.

However, if you still feel insecure about the stock speedometers, you can always purchase a bicycle speedometer and attach it to your motorcycle.

Also, if you feel that the stock speedometers do not have enough features and you’re a technical biker, then purchase a bicycle speedometer with a bunch of features.

There are loads of options to choose from, and you can find a speedometer with features that suit your needs.

The motorcycles that will do best with bicycle speedometers are the ones that are made from scratch.

These motorcycles are made manually at home as a hobby or a pet project. Each of the parts is bought separately or made especially for the motorcycles.

These motorbikes require a separate speedometer since they don’t have a stock speedometer of their own. So, you might as well get a bicycle speedometer for your project bike instead of a motorcycle speedometer.

It will fit in perfectly and not seem like it’s out of place. Also, it will not weigh down your bike in any way!

Are Bicycle Speedometers Accurate?

There is a lot of debate over the accuracy of bicycle speedometers. While many people believe that these devices are highly accurate, others claim that they can be off by quite a bit. 

Accuracy of bicycle speedometers primarily depends on the sensor it uses, the calibration of the device, and other factors. If your speedometer is not calibrated correctly, it will give inaccurate readings. To get more precise result set the correct wheel diameter when setting up the device.

In general, most bicycle speedometers tend to be quite accurate; however, there are a few speedometers on the market that can provide false readings.

Can You Use A Bicycle Speedometer on a Motorcycle?

A bicycle speedometer is perfectly usable on a motorcycle regardless of how unorthodox the idea may seem.

The performance will definitely be much better than a motorcycle speedometer.

There are loads of bicycle speedometers available at the moment. It’s best to select one that has loads of customizable options, features, and compatibility with your motorcycle.

Once you’ve adjusted it with your motorcycle, you’ll never have to worry about accurate readings on your cycle again!

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