How Often Should You Wash Your Motorcycle?

Riding your motorcycle almost always gives you that thrilling feeling and gets the blood running through your veins. But as much as you love using your motorcycle, you do have to ensure proper maintenance.

If you can’t ensure that, your beloved bike won’t be too happy, and you certainly can’t expect the ride to keep on performing like the day you financed it.

So what’s so important about washing your motorcycle?

And how frequently should you wash your motorcycle?

Well, this article will guide you through the basics of washing motorcycles. 

It’s crucial for you to work delicately with motorcycle parts as they are quite exposed. And if you regularly wash it with the proper steps, you can keep it looking extra fine for those shots in the Gram. 

How often do you wash your motorcycle?


Well, if you’re asking for a general rule of thumb, then the best motorcycle washing cycle should be every two weeks. This is the least you must do for your precious bike. 

Well, you probably already know some people who would wash the motorcycles every other week. And some might even wash their bikes a bit more frequently.

But the threshold should still be two weeks. Anything more than that is definitely not something we’d suggest. 

Why You Should Frequently Wash Your Bike?


Well, if you aren’t convinced as to why you should be washing the bike in the first place, this section might enlighten things. Let’s get into a few of the main reasons relating to why you should wash your motorcycle. 

Road Salt

If road salt manages to get into the nooks and crannies of your motorbike parts, it might harm the bike in the long run. Although you might not see immediate consequences, they exist, and they might cause you a few problems.

Animal Droppings

The ammonia in animal droppings might be quite good for plants, but they are definitely not good for your motorcycle.

They quickly lather themselves around the crevices of tires and make the tires smoother. This automatically makes your riding experience a whole lot more dangerous.


Rain might be both good and bad for your bike. Sometimes when you’re acting too lazy, rain might help you wash away the dirt that’s been gathering on top of the motorbike. But rain also brings a lot of dirt with it at times. So you’ve got to watch out for that.

Other Reasons

The other notable reasons include pollen, insect assaults, tar from road grimes, and brake dust. All of these might harm your motorcycle in different ways. So you must wash your favorite ride at least once every two weeks.

How much does it cost to clean a motorcycle?

Doing it yourself will always cost less than going to a service center. But the service that a good service center will provide might exceed the performance of your own.

So you actually have to do the cost-benefit analysis in this case. If you already wash your motorcycle every two weeks, you probably can get away with washing it in your garage.

But if you’ve left your motorbike to rot for weeks without washing, taking it to a bike wash might be the best choice. If they are professional enough, you will also get a full checkup on your bike’s health. 

There are tons of wash kids available in the market, and you get them for under $25. And you can get even more professional kits if you’re ready to whip out more cash. 

Motorcycle Washing Tips

With all that out of the way, let’s get you acquainted with a few pro tips. You don’t have to make sure that you get these done, but these tips will definitely add value.

Before you start washing at home, make sure the motorcycle isn’t parked under the direct heat of the sun. Find a place with just enough shade to get you started.

This is because you can easily end up with streak marks on your motorbike if you’re washing in the sunlight. The chemicals from the liquids that you’re using will cause these streaks. 

Another top tip that we would recommend is that you should wear soft clothes while washing. If you’re wearing any denim, the surface might scratch the metal surface of your bike.

Always look to clean the mudguards and splash guards over the wheels. They get unnoticed and gather a year’s worth of dirt. And a lot of people tend to skip them since they can’t be seen from on top. 

Final Words

It’s fine if you don’t wash your motorcycle every two days. It’s not even that important. But don’t exceed two weeks, else you could have a real problem on your hands.

If your question was, “How often should you wash your motorcycle?” then you probably got your answer already! 

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