Why Are Motorcycle Lights Necessary?

When we think about an adventurous ride, a motorbike takes priority. Taking a trip on a motorbike offers a type of freedom that is hard to compare with other forms of transportation. It’s also a useful and handy vehicle in daily life.

But long term motorbike riding is about managing risks. Also, the statistics of motorcycle accidents are increasing day by day.

Unawares, less visibility, poor traffic, absences of traffic law are the main reason for these casualties. 

Besides, most of the time accidents occurred at night because of less visibility and fog. So, today we are discussing the necessity of bike lights.

Motorcycle Lights and its Variation

Just like other vehicles, the bike has also different parts where light is one of the essential parts of it. However, once the sun goes down, you need to turn on your lights.

If you don’t, you put yourself and your bike at risk. Because to turn your lights, you make your motorbike visible. Therefore, the presence of lighting will help keep others aware.

There are four types of lights contain in a motorbike:


Headlight is the most important and brightest light of a motorbike. This light ensures the Major visibility system of a bike. There are two types of headlights used in the modern-day motorbike.

  1. Halogen Light: Most common headlights found in motorbikes. A halogen bulb with a small amount of halogen gas is the main element. Compared to other bulbs, halogen light is very inexpensive and easy to replace. Generally, you can buy a halogen light for your motorbike for approximately $10. That is a handy price compared to others.
  2. LED Light: This one is the most popular and effective headlights for a motorbike. They are considered the most modern and efficient among all types of motorbike headlights. LED lights are so popular because of its “Small size, great visibility, engine efficiency, can last 10 times longer than traditional lights, use less energy, and produce less hit, waterproof cases”. It’s very expensive and hard to replace. But when we talk about safety and performance, LED is the best in its category. You can purchase a good quality LED headlight at around $100.

The Best Headlights

Here we try to represent some names of the best headlights, though the price is much higher.

  • Sunpie LED Motorcycle Headlight
  • Wisamic Motorcycle LED Headlight
  • Z-OFFROAD Motorcycle Headlights
  • Sunpie Motorcycle LED Lights
  • SKTYANTS Motorcycle Headlights
  • Suparee LED Motorcycle Headlight
  • LX-LIGHT LED Headlight for Motorcycle and
  • LI LEAD LED Headlight for Motorcycles, etc.

Rear Light

It’s mandatory for motorbikes. It will be helpful for those people who want to cross the biker from the backside. It’s very important for safety.

Because without this light back people can’t see your appearance. You can find many types of rear lights.

Some of them are round-shaped, some are flat and some are random shaped. You can buy a good pair of backlights for $20-30.

Blinker/Signal Light

This signal light is very important for the bike because this light comes into play after dark or in rainy weather. Signal lights have an important safety function.

They demonstrate deceleration and a change in direction of the vehicle and make the vehicle more visible to other road users when it is dark or during poor visibility.

So, on a foggy morning or rainy day, signal light plays an effective role to save the rider. It will cost approximately $10-15.

Emergency Flasher

The lights warn other drivers of an emergency you may be in or that your car is parked on the side of the road.

All four turn signal lights turn on when you activate your emergency flasher. So, generally, these 4 types of light contain a motorbike.

Necessities of Bike lights

The normal operation of the vehicle is closely related to our safe driving. And light is the priority for this purpose. So the first step of the vehicle inspection should start from the light. Good Visibility is much needed when you ride a motorbike.

First of all, you need a good headlight because you have to see the far distance. In a rural area, there is always a one-directional road.

So, you must ensure that you have good Visibility. There are some major reasons why bike rights are necessary.

Riding at night is very dangerous without good Visibility because the possibility of an accident is so high at night time. It can happen with a drunk driver. Riding at night poses an additional risk from drunk drivers.

If you have less visibility, you might fall in danger. If you are riding a bike at night and your lighting system is not good enough to identify the hidden obstacles on the road, then it may cause an accident. 

Many times manholes, loose gravel, and many other things become less visible when darkness approaches.

So, you need bike lights to ignore this situation. Animals are one of the main problems at night riding. They can make an appearance without any signal.

So, you need good visibility to avoid the accident. If we think about a foggy day, the visibility is almost zero. 

So we need the help of those lights to keep ourselves safe. Also on a rainy day we can’t see anything properly compared to other days. If we don’t use the lights, an accident can happen at any time.

The Benefit of Using It 

Low visibility can occur in an accident at any time. So if we see 360° properly, we make our brain cautious and avoid the casualties.

Many countries like the UK, India make a law that you have to turn on your vehicle’s light. They believe it will help to reduce the percentage of road accidents as motorbike is a very sensitive vehicle. It’s hard to balance and with low visibility, it gets more difficult.


We are living in a very busy world. It always moves from this side to that side. A motorbike is an appropriate vehicle for this job. It’s very handy and useful.

But we must be conscious of our safety. For motorbike riding, safety is the priority. Visibility is the main theme. So, we must ensure good visibility with the help of those lights.

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