Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Vests?

There is a misconception amongst people that leather vests are only used for styling and getting a “bad boy” image, but this isn’t true at all.

However, if you’re still confused about why bikers wear leather vests, then you’ve landed in the perfect place.

Not only a piece of the leather vest makes you look stylish, but it also plays a significant role in keeping you safe from accidents. But why leather instead of others?

Well, in my opinion, leather offers optimal comfort, durability, and yes, it gives you a more aesthetic look that you’ve always been craving as a rider!

Here, I want to give you more information about the reason why you should get yourself leather vests. Also, I’m going to talk about a couple of different types.

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Top 5 Reasons to Pick Leather Vests As a Biker

You’re probably a little confused about getting a leather vest. Well, these are some of the reasons why leather vests are the top picks of bikers. Let’s see:

  • To Follow the Classy Trend

Of course. This has to be the number one reason as everyone wants to be stylish and attractive. So, is there any better way to do that without getting the leather vests? Hell no!

Perhaps, wearing a leather vest is the most common yet classic trend around the world. Almost every biker has dreamed about wearing the leather vests once in their life in order to add richness to their fashion.

However, the trend became famous after WWII. But the effects are still fresh and will remain for eternity. It has become more like a culture than a mere trend in the bikers’ community. Though some people deny it, the majority say it’s about style and class.

  • Comfortable in Various Weather 

It doesn’t matter what you wear, of course, that should be comfortable and easy. Otherwise, no matter how stylish and classy it is, you won’t like it that much. Also, the attire must be easy to put on and take off.

Thankfully, you won’t face any of these difficulties with the leather vests as they are very much comfortable to be used. Needless to say, your comfort depends entirely on the freedom of your choice.

Generally, the lighter weight means more comfort. However, your taste in comfort may differ from others. Some people like the heavy ones, whereas some want tight-fitting vests.

Now, another important thing is the weather impact on the vest. Believe it or not, weather can dramatically turn your comfort into discomfort quite easily if you aren’t smart enough with your choices.

Whether in scorching summer or the shivering cold, the leather vest works the best. Depending on the quality, a leather vest is capable of surviving hot, cold, rain, or wind elements without a hassle.

For this versatility of the weather, leather vests are the popular choice amongst bikers. Although the leather might not be fully waterproof, it keeps water away from reaching your skin with the help of its strong property of water repellency.

Good to know, these vests block the wind as well so that you won’t get too much pressure from the air while riding so fast. Even it saves you from the cold breeze of the winter.

  • Safety and Protection 

Leather vests are desirable not only for style and comfort but also for the safety and security of the bikers. Confused? Well, let me clarify the facts.

Actually, leather has such fantastic properties of abrasion resistance that it helps you to prevent accidental damages.

In simple words, leather deals with the friction that occurs from a bike crash and reduces the number of damages like cuts and bruises.

Now, duplicate and low-quality leathers won’t provide that much support you really need. They will act like the normal clothes for your body and will be shredded if a crash or a sudden abrupt stop at high speed swings you on the road.

A study on bikers shows that almost 25.99% of abrasion injury and 40% of bruises can be reduced if you wear vests made of leather. And an overall injury dropped about 78-92.22%. Isn’t it amazing? I’m pretty sure it is.

Not only accidents, but leather vest protects you from the maleficent bugs, pests, and other harmful elements as well. And guess what? It protects your chest from getting extreme air, keeping you cold-free in the winter season.

  • For Showing Off the Badges

Is there any other way to display your prestigious badges than wearing the vest? Most probably, nope. When riders grow more and more, they collect more badges or patches gradually.

In this case, many patches or badges have glue attached to them so you can stick them to your vest. However, in my opinion, to prevent it from falling to the ground, you should sew the badges instead of using any adhesives.

After all, badges are a matter of pride that remind you about the distance and time you have traveled on bikes.

  • To Get Extra Pockets 

Usually, traveling with cars gives you plenty of storage to transport from one destination to another. Sadly, the bikes lack this particular facility.

But, thanks to the leather vests, these give an upper hand to carry some necessary pieces of stuff on the journey by bike. Leather vests have extra pockets to store and secure your mobiles, lighters, credit cards, essential documents, and so forth.

Plus, you don’t need to carry the old saddlebags anymore. Leave that task for the vest’s pockets. In addition, an extra secret pocket of the vest can be used for securing your money. With these advantages, you’re well equipped for a wonderful ride.

Types of Leather Vests

In my opinion, it’s crucial to know about the types of vests. That’ll help you to build up a stronger personality as well as awareness of the top-notch vests. So, to make sure you get your hands on the right one, don’t forget to check all of the types out.

  • Pigskin Leather Vests

First up is the most common and affordable pigskin leather vest. These can be ideal for those who don’t want to spend a small fortune. Due to the wide range of availability in the market, it’s one of the cheapest ones as well.

These leathers weigh not too much, not too little. So, feel free to call them average or medium-weight vests to be used. 

  • Buffalo Leather Vests

Well, you can already guess by the name about the sturdiness of these leather vests. They’re indeed as strong as the buffalo itself. So undoubtedly, buffalo leather vests will last for a longer period of time.

For a plain countryman look, this vest is quite popular amongst the people. But, to find the right size, you might struggle a little bit. These leathers lack elasticity as they don’t stretch that much. This property comes from the tight skin of the buffaloes. 

  • Lambskin Leather Vests

This lavishing vest is probably the most sensitive and delicate amongst the 3 types. Frankly speaking, it might not be the best thing you can buy for a long ride or tours and trips, but you can definitely grab the attention of anyone in your neighborhood with its classy appearance.

On account of the sensitive nature, it might not protect you from the exposure of harmful elements like the other two vests; keep in mind!

Wrapping Up!

Now you better know why bikers wear leather vests while riding. From ensuring a classic look to providing maximum support and protection, a piece of the leather vest will always come in handy!

So, as a rider, you should definitely get at least a single vest for you. Trust me, you’ll feel much better than before while riding.

But before getting it, don’t forget to consider the types. By doing so, you can know which suits you and your body type best.

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